Support, Promote, Influence.

GROW with us to find new business opportunities, employees and customers.      CONNECT with other businesses, your customers and the community.    

BUILD your knowledge through skills training and seminars for our members.       SHARE information and business know-how through our networks.    

BE HEARD on business-related issues in our area.                                                RAISE your business profile through the Chamber.                                                 


Budget Presentations

Starts: 30th October 2018 Ends: 30th October 2018
St Austell and Truro events

Wheal Martyn presents 'The Collection'

Starts: 11th October 2018 Ends: 11th October 2018
Raising money to support our work to preserve and engage people with Cornwall's China Clay Heritage.

Christmas Carols Mini Photosessions

Starts: 4th September 2018 Ends: 3rd November 2018
Beautiful Victorian Christmas themed portraits in St Austell

Christmas Carols mini sessions

Festive Victorian Christmas themed photo sessions for children in St Austell

Corporate Headshots

Professional photos for your online needs. Enquire now 07966 011 290

Trade Horizons Roadshow

Starts: 21st June 2018 Ends: 21st June 2018
Free seminars talking about a range of issues from entrepreneurial journeys to Brexit forecasting

Clay Walks

Starts: 14th June 2018 Ends: 15th June 2018
Immersive Promenade performances at Wheal Martyn, created by Spindrift dance.

How Effective are You as a Leader and Manager?

Starts: 6th June 2018 Ends: 6th June 2018
Learn to use Functional Fluency to become more effective when 'being in charge' to improve productivity.

The Nepalese cricket team captain Paras Khadka

Article Date: 1st June 2018

Crunchy Breakfast 25th May 2018

Starts: 25th May 2018 Ends: 25th May 2018
Networking Breakfast with guest speakers
AJJ Courier Service

Category: Couriers & Messengers

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