Our Aims

  • 'SUPPORT' - Your growth and development   

  • 'INFLUENCE' - Policymakers on your behalf

  • 'PROMOTE' - Your business and the Bay   


To create a robust and sustainable organisation that is responsive to the changing needs of all businesses in the whole of St Austell and the Bay area.

To enable, encourage and deliver successful benefits to its membership.

To raise awareness with, St Austell Town Council, Cornwall Council those issues which impact on all aspects of the business community within St Austell Bay.

To promote St Austell and the Bay as a business centre in which to grow in Cornwall.

To promote both existing as well as new businesses in St Austell Bay

To provide support to those individuals and organisations seeking guidance on establishing new business ventures or those seeking to expand existing businesses.

To promote St Austell Bay as a good place for new businesses to thrive.

To promote St Austell Bay as a major holiday destination.

To promote all businesses both traders and professional organisations.

To become the leading organisation which promotes the welfare of the business community in St Austell Bay.

To lead and influence policy in community issues which directly or indirectly impact on the business community.

"To be the voice of St Austell Bay businesses in the 21st century."