Planning proposal for 150 homes

Planning proposal for 150 homes

Planning proposal for 150 homes (Application PA23/09281), land that was previously approved for a variety of commercial usages.
In 2014/2015, on several occasion the much talked about Trewhiddle Farm planning application and scheme was presented to the St Austell Chamber of Commerce. Kingsley Homes (developer) wanted to show their hopes and ambitions for the area, to gain ‘stakeholder’ support.

Their promise to St Austell was in a nutshell,

110,000 square foot of retail;
600 full time direct and indirect jobs;
460 houses;
Pub / Restaurant;
60 bed hotel;
Expansion land gifted to the school;
Southern Relief Road to ease congestion;
Better access for the Arts centre;
Small foodstore;
Drop off zone for the school to better safety and further ease congestion;

With their recent planning application (PA23/09281) it would appear that all the commercial aspect of this scheme is now being dropped and instead, another 150 homes added to the original 460
houses (610).

Many people at the time were not supportive of the scheme as felt giving up the large amount of green fields was too much of an ask, coupled with the already very stretched public services of the area. But due to the commercial elements of it, changed their minds and offered support.

As you can now quite imagine the St Austell Chamber of Commerce is very disappointed to see there is a different approach. We ourselves would not of offered stakeholder support if the scheme did not carry the large commercial element.

Without doubt, we’re in challenging economic times and trying to encourage businesses to agree a new leases etc for retail, hotels and food stores is hard. In the future though, it will be different, or a rethink on the commercial offering might help.

Stepping away from the commercial aspect,
There is absolute outcry from the general public, that yet more houses will be built. Most commenting on the fact that public services and the infrastructure of St Austell is already passed
bursting point. Before more houses are built, we desperately need more doctors, hospitals, dentists, teachers, public transport, the list goes on and on.

Dave Halton
St Austell Chamber Ltd
Article by: David Halton