Tackling COVID-19

Tackling COVID-19

We recognise that the current situation surrounding COVID-19 will be a cause of major concern to everyone but we want to assure all of the individuals and organisations we work with that we are committed to ensuring the continuity of our services. 

We know that many people are going to require additional assistance and we are available to work with you through this challenging time. 

To help, we have created a COVID-19 Knowledge Hub on our website that will curate and host an increasing number of useful links, resources, guidance, information and contact details providing help for individuals and different types of businesses. 

We have instigated our business continuity planning and a central team is co-ordinating our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include measures to support our people as they face their own challenges and we are enabling our people to work from home. 

Our business is set up to work in an agile way and we are ready to ensure our services can be delivered to you as seamlessly as possible and any disruption is minimised. How we are doing this and what this means to you can be viewed in more detail here on our website - which we will update as the situation evolves. 

We are ready to help you where we can, so please do not hesitate to speak to get in touch with us. All existing contact details will continue to operate as normal. 

Article by: Kathryn Williamson