Innovation Club

Innovation Club

What is Innovation Club?

What is Innovation? Turning ideas into money? Developing new services? Introducing more efficient ways of working?

The answer is all of these things, and more. Innovation – doing things differently - is one of the fundamental drivers of business success. But how do you foster innovation within a business? How can you turn ideas into reality – and crucially, how can you innovate more and better?

Innovation Club is an informal gathering that will give you the opportunity to:

  • Hear the innovation stories of successful local businesses and how they overcame challenges you may also be facing

  • Pick up hints and tips on how to make your business more innovative and successful

  • Become part of a community of like minded people

  • Share solutions, ideas and explore potential collaboration

Innovation Club is a club for all businesses – large or small. As members you will be able to share stories and experience with those that may have faced the same challenges. How do you finance innovation? How can you exploit technology effectively? How do you create an innovation culture in your business?