The Fluent Self CIC

The Fluent Self CIC
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Jane Hicks works across Cornwall and beyond, with individuals and teams using the international award winning, TIFF© personal development tool.  TIFF is based on the Functional Fluency model which provides a straightforward way of recognising and understanding what we are thinking and doing, and the choice we have over this.  It provides a practical framework for changing how we behave – to use less energy on what doesn’t work for us, and more energy on what works well.

Through a greater understanding of ourselves and how our behaviour impacts on others, TIFF enables us to:

  • Listen actively and articulate needs considerately, so avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Support and empower others.
  • Care without becoming worn out.
  • Become more objective, confident and relaxed.

TIFF also brings great benefits to whole groups and teams.  It offers:

  • A common language to enable challenging conversations.
  • An atmosphere of trust and cooperation that optimises individual and team strengths.
  • A positive group process for the development of high performing, can-do teams.
  • Enhanced morale, bringing greater commitment and loyalty to the organisation.