Farringdon James Executive Recruitment

Farringdon James Executive Recruitment
Address:The Linhay
Trebant Barns
PL15 7RR
Telephone:07986 585547
Website URL:http://www.farringdonjames.com

Farringdon James was formed in 2012 to provide a specialist recruitment service nationally. Our consultants have combined experience of over 50 years in Recruitment, Manufacturing/Engineering and IT. We have coined the phrase "Providing Excellence through Understanding" and we aim to bring "Consultancy" back into recruitment. By this we mean that we not only need to understand the job description of your vacancy but also we need to understand your company culture (the way you do things), the type of person you need, personalities, interests, ambitions, etc and we can only get a satisfactory result by "Consulting" with you.

More to follow..............