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Siplicity Group Ltd provide business' with solutions based upon a "Best Advice" approach for all aspects of telecoms, with systems and solutions to suit virtually any size of organisation.

Refreshingly straightforward, whilst we can talk technical with the best of them, we won't baffle you with telecoms jargon or buzzwords. Even if we don't win your business you'll be certain that any decisions are made with a good understanding of the benefits of the various options available to your business.

Whether it's a single phone line, a broadband service or a fully integrated multi site phone system or a Call Centre, we've got the right solution for your business. We have interest free, nil Cap-ex options for phone system hardware and can provide nil Call charge solutions, thereby aiding monthly budgeting.

The same approach applies for mobile phone provision, whether it's a single mobile phone connection or a large fleet, right through to integration of your mobile phones into your business phone system, so that you can use your mobile as your desk phone, never missing a call while you're away from your desk, if you choose (as there's always a time when you might not want to be reached), with business voicemail messages delivered via your business' email server to your mobile.

We have provided complex systems across large holiday home campus', installing fibre optic cabling and equipment to deliver terrestrial & satellite TV, on demand video, internet access and voice over IP (VoIP) phone extensions to the individual on site properties, with centralised management and billing, providing an income stream for the holiday home complex owners.

The Managing Director, Steve Jones has supplied business phone systems since 1986, delivering solutions locally in the past to the likes of Western Morning Newspapers, South Crofty Tin Mine and Cornwall County Council, so he certainly knows his stuff.

Why not put him, and Siplicity Group to the test? You'll not be disappointed nor confused, and who knows, your company may be added to the ever growing list of satisfied customers.

We look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you and your organisation.